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I want to thank all of you for your interest in me since I began my first site in 1999. It was a test site and the response was quite promising. This prompted me to design a more comprehensive site... the basis for this site. Now the clincher...!

Due to unfortunate results and complications from surgery in 2001, I am not able to accept any assignments. As I was a fitness model and actress, proud of my physique, and being able to wear the attire of the trade without hesitation, you can imagine my disappointment and grief...! I am stopped in my tracks. One of the purposes for this site is to show that health and fitness transcend age... at least to our conventional way of thinking. I hope to carry on my father's legacy...and family's, I might add, since we have many fitness achievers. Living proof is my father who looks great at age 88.

You can view some great older photos of my dad at: classicbodybuilders.com . Look for Rex Ravelle. I plan to add photos of my dad to this site as time goes on. I have some great ones of he and Betty Grable, Jane Mansfield, Yvonne de Carlo, etc.

I did not think to add this news to my site earlier, as I was quite traumatized by the

physical and emotional results of the surgery that also included sexual assault and battery. Also, I did not conceive the effects would drag on this long. Therefore, I ceased my plans to expand and promote the site.

I continue to leave my site up because it is a testament to all that is achievable in the mind's eye, to give hope and inspiration to others...and to ME!
I refuse to give up on myself!
I am recreating myself "as we speak."

It is my hope that after whatever corrective procedures are done and I return to health, to resume my normal acting and modeling activities... and just plain get back to my old self in that regard. That alone would be a huge and welcome relief.

I want to thank my friends and fans for encouraging me to continue with my plans and to forge ahead...!

In the meantime, I have published my first book, a contemporary romantic comedy of sorts. Please check out my new book: